The Challenge

Control what teams do on computers

Response: How does Work'iN MeMoRieS help you with counter-espionage?

Work'in MeMoRieS will let you know what is being done on your computer
it keeps track of all your PC activity
with its high level of encryption
and its real-time synchronization
nobody can cheat
not even an intelligence service
you know what is being done on your computer and at what time
if you register users you also know under which session
a screen and keyboard blocking functionality can be developed on request as long as the user is not logged in
you know if someone has modified, deleted or created a file and all the software used up to the click of a mouse and that's already not bad,
we are looking for large companies or governments as clients to develop new features useful for counter espionage,
such as file access monitoring and offline screen blocking.

You had with it a perfect working time measure on computer.
Click New or Spaces to activate your software and webspace
New : mac os x version - 2.04 - languages improvement
We are looking for large companies or governments to continue the development of file access monitoring, and the linux version

The Price : a Poverty Intelligence

Freeware for a local and web usage
And Accessible for those who can pay : 3 € by workstation and by month.
We follow an understanding billing charter.
Poor users can use a web account without pay, no cut, no condamnation.
So you can consider it as a FREEWARE

Work'iN MeMoRieS is indispensable for your billing, it increases in your average turnover up to 11% (*) because nothing is forgotten, but also improves human resources.

(*) From a study by l'American Payroll Association.

The Computer Usage Report

Data extracted by Work'iN MeMoRieS:

The software only use data usefull to his work, and do not capt files contain and keyboard use.
May be, in the future, the keyboard use with a simple desactivated fonction will be introduce.
Tell your want, we done.

And With:

Export csv file of all days
Track your computer working time
Follow and manage progress of your team in real time
Keep secure memory of your computer usage
Prove the real working hours to your employees, customers or managers
Detect disorganizations: lost files, changes to remade, etc...

- Company Specific : Intranet/Web Server - Personal Security Key : - let a message -

Work'iN MeMoRieS WindoW:



Build as a widget with a transparency degree


You can define automatic analysis filters


all clics are reported and you can know your tasks time in seconds


Follow working progress of your team in real time


computer usage keeped and synchronized in real time, anonymous activation


Just to select time and define customer or project


no cut, no condamnation


Advanced Settings : languages

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Chronos Monitor software is part of the generation cloud , which is to outsource digital resources and thus have a program whose data are stored on the internet.

It is possible to access it from any computer or even your iPhone or smartphone.

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