Computer With High Power 
Like Video Gamer
Memory, Processor and else 

Work'iN MeMoRieS Version 2.04
- International-English Windows Version

Chronos Monitor Work'in Memories detect and analysis the use of the computer, can constantly synchronized to the web service,
     so the supervisors can track the progress of their teams, data returned by the software (name of the window, process, files) help you complete your timesheet.
     It is possible to define an automatic analysis, software high level encryption secure the report and can be used as evidence in times of conflict on working time and billing and
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1.84 version : International Use : Languages 

1.98 version : Improve Speed 

2.04 version : Languages Improvement 


Download Windows version

Work'iN MeMoRieS Version 2.10 - International Mac OS X Version

A Mac OS X version of Work'in Memories 
2.04 : Languages Improvement 
2.08 : Time Second Debug 
2.10 : Real Mac OSX invisible mode 


Download Mac OS X version
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